Your Options for Alaska Breast Enhancement

It's easier than ever to love the look of your breasts. Dr. Wandra Miles is a board-certified plastic surgeon with an office in Ketchikan. She performs breast enhancement in Alaska at Ketchikan General Hospital and at hospitals in the Seattle area where she keeps her main office.

To learn more about Alaska breast enhancement, request a consultation with Dr. Miles and she will be happy to provide you with a personalized evaluation and professional recommendation.

Alaska Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast augmentation in Seattle and Alaska is a very popular cosmetic surgery choice, as it is throughout the country. Breast enlargement uses saline or silicone gel filled breast implants to create a more shapely, balanced, and attractive breast appearance.

Other Breast Surgery Options

Dr. Miles offers much more than just breast enlargement in Alaska. She also performs:

  • Breast lift: This procedure is ideal for women whose breasts have begun to sag following pregnancy, significant weight loss or just from the effects of aging.
  • Breast reduction: If you have uncomfortably large breasts, this Alaska breast enhancement procedure not only offers an improved look, but also can provide relief from back and neck pain.
  • Breast reconstruction: As part of a mastectomy, women can have Dr. Miles partner with the other doctors on their surgical team to triumph over breast cancer and recreate a natural breast appearance.

Alaska breast surgery from Dr. Miles has helped many women enhance both their look and their lifestyle. As far as looks go, a picture's worth 1,000 words so come in to view our breast surgery photo gallery to get a sense of Dr. Miles' surgical skill and see how women are able to improve their appearance through surgery.

Now is the time to learn more. Dr. Miles is ready to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Request an appointment online or call 206-215-6221 to set up a consultation.