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Plastic Surgeon Recommends Breast Implants Over Fat Transfer

Amidst growing interest in fat transfer for breast augmentation, Seattle plastic surgeon Dr. Wandra K. Miles asserts the safety and reliability of breast implants, and cautions that long-term effects of fat transfer are unknown…read more

Study Finds High Satisfaction Rate for Breast Augmentation Patients

A study published in the May 2013 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® finds a high satisfaction level among breast augmentation patients. Seattle plastic surgery specialist Dr. Wandra K. Miles says this parallels trends at her practice…read more

What We Can Learn From Angelina Jolie's Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Wandra K. Miles, a breast reconstruction specialist in Seattle, says advances in surgical techniques allow her to achieve good aesthetic results from a skin-sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction…read more

Breast Reduction a Most Satisfying Procedure, Surgeon Says

Dr. Wandra Miles, a plastic surgery specialist in Seattle, explains why many of her patients report high satisfaction levels following breast reduction surgery. She examines how this compares with the extremely high Worth It Rating on…read more

Plastic Surgery Specialist in Seattle Also Serves Alaska

In addition to managing her growing plastic surgery practice in Seattle, Dr. Wandra Miles regularly travels to southern Alaska to provide her skills to residents there…read more

Demand Rises for Seattle Breast Augmentations

In 2010, local plastic surgeon Dr. Wandra K. Miles saw an increase in women considering breast enhancement surgery, including breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction. She expects the trend to continue into 2011…read more

Seattle Face Lift Surgeon Says Good Skin Care Is Essential

Dr. Wandra Miles, a Seattle plastic surgeon who performs procedures including face lifts and eyelid surgery, says that her patients who use physician-strength skin care products are able to extend the longevity of their surgical results…read more

For Seattle Cosmetic Surgery, Increased Emphasis on Surgeon Credentials

In Seattle, cosmetic surgery patients should be wary of under-qualified practitioners. Plastic surgeon Dr. Wandra Miles responds to recent news about unlicensed persons performing cosmetic procedures and emphasizes the importance of appropriate credentials and training…read more

Seattle Plastic Surgery Practice Sees Steady Demand for Breast Reconstruction

In tough economic times, plastic surgeons across the country are beginning to see a decline in the demand for elective cosmetic procedures. Breast reconstruction, however, plays an important role in the health and emotional well-being of women with breast cancer and Dr. Wandra Miles continues to see steady demand for the procedure at her plastic surgery practice in Seattle…read more