How Do You Choose the Right Alaska Cosmetic Surgeon?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery in Alaska, your choices can be limited. But you have an excellent option in Dr. Wandra Miles, a board-certified plastic surgeon who practices in Ketchikan and serves residents across Alaska.

All about Dr. Wandra Miles

Why should you choose this Alaska cosmetic surgeon? It's simple: you want a doctor who cares about your success and provides quality results. Dr. Miles has received in-depth medical training on detailed reconstructive techniques and currently focuses her practice on cosmetic surgery. In Alaska, she is affiliated with Ketchikan General Hospital. Residents of Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and other Alaska communities can request a consultation to visit with her in Ketchikan or at her main office in Seattle.

Alaska Cosmetic Surgery - See Your Results

What are some of the most important qualities when selecting a surgeon? Pay attention to:

  • Compassionate care: You have to have a good connection with your surgeon to feel comfortable about your procedure and confident about your success.
  • Surgical skill: Dr. Miles has decades of surgical experience and is trained in detailed plastic surgery techniques that help her achieve beautiful and satisfying results.
  • Great results: Dr. Miles' results speak for themselves.

Your Aesthetic Options

Learn more about the cosmetic surgery procedures Dr. Miles offers:

Dr. Miles takes care during every one of the Alaska cosmetic surgery procedures she performs to provide her patients with pleasing results that look great for years to come. She wants to earn the privilege of being your Alaska cosmetic surgeon of choice. Request an appointment with her online or call 206-215-6221 to set up a consultation.